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How to Buy VOIP Phone

VOIP Phone

The phones are VOIP phone systems that integrate with the Internet allow you to make and receive national and international calls, saving significantly on the cost of your phone bill. Read the guide to know operation, characteristics, types, safety and how to choose the VOIP phone model that best suits your needs, home or office.

What is VOIP Phone

Did you think that call meant only and only pick up the phone, dial the number on the keyboard and ask for Marisa? Wrong. Even you are part of that large group of individuals who, fearing progress more than the plague and yellow fever, are convinced that the best technology is that keyboard with the red buttons in the shape of hearts, the secretariat incorporated or ringtone Jingle Bells? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no doubt about it: you need a good review.

To begin, write these four letters: VOIP, an acronym that stands for Voice Over Ip (or Voice over Internet Protocol), is not subject to Vero Hyper Practical. Even if it is. We’re talking about a technology that allows a telephone conversation over the Internet or another network long as it is IP, the protocol for interconnecting packet networks. This, of course, avoiding the traditional telephone network. Absurd, you say: no, if anything extraordinary.

A revolution that will allow you to abandon its switching stations and save on the bandwidth occupied, all thanks to a sophisticated mechanism as easy to understand: when one user logs in, the data packets containing voice information to be transmitted is routed through the network and encoded in the digital format. That’s it. Run out to buy a phone with VoIP solutions like Skype and connect it to the USB port on your computer: the magic will follow.

VOIP Phone – Pros and Cons

A service that is spreading like wildfire. Very useful and easy to adopt, VoIP technology crosses the threshold of the last frontier of global communication, reducing call costs (especially over long distances) and infrastructure (once made available to the IP network, you will not need anything else ). The advantages of this pearl telematics are manifold. Easy and fast to use and configure, in many areas is not even required the presence of the computer: the service, in this case, will be provided simply using the telephone connected to an adapter.

Also of note, the offers included in the packages of the best managers and providers of telephone services and the Internet: the choice is yours the profile closest to your needs. To you, the pleasure to communicate freely. It’s your chance to take advantage of all the features that VoIP technology puts at your disposal, both for the traditional telephone service to the mobile network. Do you want to listen to that declaration of love that left you breathless?

Or that healthy gossip with her friend far away that you felt so close to so long? Well, with the VoIP phone you will have the ability to store and archive your conversations and play back your voice at any time: You just need to get online to voice mail VoIP, and you’re done. A technological gem not to be underestimated: there are so many advantages, as there are risks. A delicate instrument to protect and monitor constantly to avoid unpleasant interception or malicious phone calls at your expense. Not to mention all those damn viruses that once infected the computer VoIP server may stop the service and even infect other PCs connected to the system. Also noteworthy is the danger of fraud and cheating: since the definition of the various regulations is still in progress, users are still vulnerable because the pioneers of the service.

So be careful who tries to clog or stop your system and especially not disclosed confidential data and information on your personal account: the other side of the phone may be someone who, wearing the perfect mask of blameless and very reliable official, is trying to deceive you and steal valuable information. Rather hang up, but not before telling the historic phrase: ” I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong number. ” As the wise: if it was really so important, will call.

What do you need at home or at work, the VoIP device will not disappoint? Choose the one that most closely fits your needs and, there’s all kinds and for all tastes. Ultra-thin and stylish design, or dynamic, ultra-modern and functional, equipped with several active lines (thanks to suitable updates that do not require replacement!). Equipped with hands-free LED backlit or high-resolution graphics, wireless or multi-language support, most of the products on the market offer complete and advanced voice features, not to mention the ability to customize the polyphonic ringtones and transfer calls. Ideal also for the office, will ensure excellent operational capabilities and numerous features that will take you to ask as you did, until then, to live and work without it. For men and women in step behind the times, unfortunately or fortunately, they fly.