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How to Buy Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner

For cleaning larger surfaces, such as the living room, I always use a vacuum cleaner. The great advantage of this appliance is that it is able to eliminate the dust without having to then collect. There are different types of vacuum cleaner ; some models are essentially of electric brooms , widely used for the cleaning of carpets and often from battery, for increased ease of movement.

Others, the most widely used at home, are vacuum cleaner; consist of a structure with wheels which houses the engine, connected to a tube with the brush. A variation of these models, it is also used in external to aspirate liquids. The latest models of vacuum cleaners are designed so that working at home can always be less tiring. Big brands studying the best solutions in the design of the vacuum itself, to make it more manageable. The traditional vacuum cleaner included the presence of a bag where they gathered dust and obviously had to be replaced periodically. Most of the vacuum cleaner latest generation of “green”, the main feature is in fact the absence of the bag , replaced by a deposit which can be emptied as needed.

Features of a vacuum cleaner of the latest generation

  • Most health : the powder is converted into a solid mass which is stored in a warehouse. When empty will prevent the dispersion of dust, very harmful to people with allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Small : the new models are more compact.
  • Deposit largest: the compression system allows to store in quantities exceeding the powder.
  • Power : it remains constant, while in the traditional vacuum cleaner decreased when the bag was full.
  • Modern design and accessories: they allow you to clean any corner of the house.

Characteristics to be assessed on the purchase of a vacuum cleaner

  • Power: it influences the suction capacity
  • Extension of the cable
  • Pipes: can be two rigid that interlock or telescopic, which are inserted one inside the other.
  • Size and weight: better compact and made of lightweight materials
  • Wheels: quiet and multi-directional
  • Accessories: various openings to reach every corner of the house and brushes for carpets, wooden floors and sofas.

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