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How to buy Speaker for PC

Speaker for PC

Tired of the sound weak and maybe a little scratchy of built-in speakers of your computer? Then it’s time to buy external speakers, before you put your wallet, however, analyze your needs and try to find the solution that’s right for you. How to choose speakers for your computer, taking into account the actual needs, which you will use and any extra options, you can make an informed purchase and equip yourself with the model that best suits your needs.

The market offers many options to choose from, ranging from the speakers very basic and super cheap for those who simply want to have a background music while working at the computer, to expensive branded models, which give a perfect sound with extremely high-volume  levels, ideal for music purists. Needs, of course are different even among those who want to listen to music, who wants to tingle with video games and those who want to watch a movie with surround sound effect as if it were at the movies, so here how to disentangle between the different products, starting from basic features.

Stereo 2.1, or Surround Sound: What is the difference?

Understand the technical definitions and know exactly what they are referring to the mysterious phrases that accompany most of the speakers is the first thing to do to make an informed choice.

  • ” Stereo ” means that they are constituted by a pair, with an element of left and right, that are distributed to the sound.
  • With ” 2.1 ” means the same pair ” right left ” ,  with the addition of a neutral element, subwoofer, whose role is to deal with the most basic and deep frequencies, usually below 100Hz. A good subwoofer at a reasonable volume can add a deep rumble to explosions of the film and give substance to the drums, bass and synthesizers when listening to music.
  • Some simple stereo models work just as well without a subwoofer, because their woofers are integrated perfectly able to handle the lower frequencies, while the stereo pairs of smaller size tend to have a suboptimal response to be low.
  • A speaker system ” Surround ” is typically comprised of a pair of stereo, a center channel that covers the dialogues in the film and two or three satellite elements that are usually placed behind the listener. If you are fans of the movie, you have enough space and do not care about the shedding of wires all over the room, a surround system can bring great benefits to your experience of the viewer.
  • Most surround systems are dedicated to the world of gamers, where the top of the range lies in brands like Logitech, Creative, Razer or Altec Lansing, and some of these systems also include a pair of headphones for the sessions at night (or in the office ).

How much they cost of Speaker for PC.

The computer speakers, even those low costs,   and luckily, there are several, they can really improve your quality of listening to your computer, and if it is true that prices vary from a few dollar or up to the hundreds for most brands listed, we can say that there are good solutions, good brands, with prices hovering around the $80 – $100, and are the ideal choice for those who have special needs for sound.

When you think of simple speakers for your computer maybe you tend not to think about the extra features, though there are a few that might be worth considering. The elements, for example, are equipped with controls for bass and treble so you can calibrate the sound according to your taste or need of the hour? There is a ” Mute ” button in case you need to silence suddenly? They are equipped with an AUX input for any MP3 player? And what about a nice remote control to the remote control? And the bluetooth functionality to connect to various devices? All options to consider when purchasing, which can drive up the price, but they offer greater comfort.

For home or office?

The how and where you are going to use your speakers will be the one who will guide you to the ultimate choice. You probably will not need an intact mammoth system if you plan to listen to the radio in the office on their lunch break (for this, the speakers are fine small but with a good definition) or watch some videos on YouTube. For your home computer, however, you can think of something a little more stylish even at the design level, or something that will allow you to turn up the volume to the maximum without distortion if you need a little music to help with chore’s home, or if you need to animate a good party.

Wireless models.

These types of wireless solutions are embraced by a growing number of people: technology, in fact, is making strides in that direction with very good results in terms of purity of the sound, but mainly because they allow you to have the best sound leaving the listeners the freedom to take your computer (or smartphone or tablet) around the house all the time without having to attach, remove and replace plugs, cables and leads.