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How to Buy School Backpack

School Backpack

When the beginning of the school year approaches, moms are struggling with the search of the backpack best suited for their child. Not only, will try to choose a backpack cute, fashionable, designer toiletries, and maybe, why not cheap, but you will have to give importance to the health of the baby, looking forward to buying a product that will protect his back and promotes proper growth. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, how to wear it properly and choose it as needed.

Backpacks on the market now are enormous and every year we add new makes and models, so much so that the backpack is not configured so much as an object of practical use basic (bring books and school supplies of various kinds) but as real object and phenomenon fashionable. The industries adapt their production (not only in matters of backpacks but also boxes, diaries and so on) to the changing needs of children, according to those who are their hobbies, their passions, their cartoons and toys favorite. The children themselves tend to express their identity, to identify with a group rather than in another and enhance the objects of their passions through a simple case or backpack for school.

The range of colors, patterns and images depicted is almost endless, and it is perhaps superfluous to dwell to enumerate examples. What is certain is that these elements are to be put into the background, especially if you want to avoid that the choice is all yours, and you want to leave space to the wishes and preferences of the child, which is basically the only recipient of purchase. That said, we must not consider other aspects related to aesthetics and less related to the structure instead of the backpack itself, fundamental aspects if we want to leave aside the pursuit of convenience, security, and especially to protect the health of the child. First, the size: these vary according to the backpacks, often a backpack with the same fantasy is available in different sizes, and this can be very useful urging us to purchase a product that is suited to the age and needs of our son.

It must be said that most of the backpack is, in fact, enormous, if they relate to the stature of a child aged six to fourteen. These dimensions are somewhat exaggerated obviously linked to the search for a maximum capacity in an attempt to provide a backpack that may, in fact, contain a lot of material. Well of course you have to think about what are the most suitable size, in order to weigh as little as possible the back of our son. Other important features are the quality of the material of the backpack is built and water resistance. Some backpacks are not, in fact, waterproof, and this could create considerable problems from a practical point of view.

How to Choose School Backpack

In reference to the characteristics given in the first paragraph, we start by trying to choose a backpack that meets somehow tastes of our child and at the same time gives a look to the economic side of the question: usually, the younger children (I mean those attending primary schools) have a huge passion for everything that represents their favorite superhero, cartoon characters or protagonists, or, for girls, the Barbie or Bratz dolls or of various kinds and brand. As part of the backpacks for school, these are precisely those most used, and this means that it will be probable that your child will want one. And quite frequent, however, that this kind of backpack has a relatively high cost, especially if the subject matter was new and all the rage among children in the period in which you have to buy the backpack.

This means that it is appropriate to assess how the tastes of your child on the subject may, in fact, be strong and lasting: the superhero of the moment often goes out of fashion in a few months, and at the next year you may be facing to the request for buy a new backpack different and more ” up to date ” . Considering the costs and the fact that a backpack should remain strong and be usable for at least 2-3 years (if not more!), Would agree to remain on classical subjects and evergreens, of which it is difficult that the child gets bored too quickly.

Size and structure of the backpack are basic as regards the health of our children, in particular, for the spine. What we do know for sure is that the column of children and adolescents is a particularly sensitive issue, which can often run into problems such as paramorphisms functional and in rarer cases in really anatomical changes, such as dysmorphic features. It been well established that there is a causal relationship between backpacks poorly constructed, overloaded or badly worn and the second type of diseases, including scoliosis and the curved back are examples.

However, it was instead statistically proven that the pain in his back and shoulders of school age it is somewhat common, and that it is indeed on the rise, as are the type of postural disorders (which not permanently alter the attitudes of the body perfectly but correctable), among these problems and backpacks for school exists some correlation, although experts have not yet made it quite clear what kind and what size, it is. But you can suggest some precautions to be followed in purchasing backpacks with regard to the size, you have to pay attention to the fact that they are proportionate to the size and age of the child; when worn properly, its lower part must remain above the buttocks, and we must make sure the backpack is too large, since you are its sides are too large the load moves away from the trunk, and the actual weight and imbalance rear increase significantly, it must be equipped with straps wide, padded and adjustable in length, one or two upper handle and an abdominal belt adjustable.