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How to Buy Men’s Socks?

Mens Socks

The socks are a garment absolute essential for every man and every woman is particularly important for a style-conscious of her partner.

The socks are a garment used since ancient times, and if it is true that arose with the precise function of protecting your feet and keep them comfortable and warm, it soon became also and above all an element of social distinction, like a true status symbol. During the Roman Empire were very popular and fashionable short socks made of wool, while in medieval times, the model was the most popular shoes that were sort of changing some with the long leg, called “breeches”.

The first real revolution in the field of men’s happened in the fifteenth century, an era that saw the flowering tights for men, which should not be confused with the actual tights that women wear, because it was made of heavy fabric and often embellished with decorations , gems and other valuables, and were characterized by colors very bright and colorful.

Then there was a return to the use of slings and long socks,, this time remained in vogue until the time of the French Revolution, which marked the evolution of the slings in shorts members, which the French called breeches, reaching to the knee , and that were worn in combination with the socks. Unlike tights fifteenth century, however, this time the colors were more subdued, with a predominance of dark tones.

The period in which the sock man begins to take on the modern-looking, those for which we know it today, is the era of the British industrial revolution and the revolution French politics was in these two nations, who in modern times have dictated many of the laws and trends of fashion, that the first sock that was worn as a real hero of the male wardrobe began to be worn under pants, limiting its visibility to the ankle area.

Fabrics of Socks

So forget the typical white sock sticking out from under the classic trousers and that would horrify anyone and try to reconcile this with your particular style of the moment and your needs. But if you upon your white socks just do not want to give up everything, you could at least limit yourself to wear it with sportswear, that he will not look out of place, a simple jeans and t-shirt will be just fine. For more formal occasions, however, choose darker colors, in combination with your dress. The classic sock for men is made of cotton and has a length such as to cover the entire calf.

Very important to the elasticity of the material, which must be comfortable and have a good fit, so as not to slip during the day. However, there are socks in different materials like wool for the winter months, soft microfiber, warm and with a good grip, sponge, to be reserved strictly to ‘sports, and Lisle, especially high-quality material that ensures durability, elegance, pleasure to the touch and freshness of the foot, although also guarantees a higher cost. Socks for men can be bought in supermarkets and shops intimate.

Nowadays wear socks mainly to protect their feet from the cold, especially, from excessive friction with shoes. This is the reason why the fabrics that are used more than others for the production of socks are cotton, cashmere and wool: materials, these, that allow the skin to breathe in the correct manner, limiting as much as possible the sweating and overheating of the feet. Of course there are also socks made with the finest materials such as silk, even if they are significantly more expensive and much less practical, therefore suitable for special occasions rather than everyday life.

How to Choose Men’s Socks?

Even if they are hidden from his pants and have limited visibility in the complex of an outfit male, socks cover, however, their importance in the overall aesthetic of a man, as they are able to add a touch of color, just as they do the tie , the scarf or handkerchief from his pocket, even if the colors should be chosen with care otherwise you may create a mismatch of colors that could spoil the overall effect.

A good trick to avoid disharmony color and style is to match the color of the stocking with that of one of the other accessories, creating a pleasant view. Otherwise you can always match your socks subordinating them to choose the type of clothing: classic with the classic and sports with sports!

Except for some exceptional cases, such as sportswear, men’s socks must be worn always long, have to get to cover the entire calf. The calf socks, in fact, have always been synonymous with elegance and refinement male, since when were worn with the support in the garter from calf. Again, men should never wear white socks, unless you wear, in summer, a summer trousers as white.

Every man has a minimum of intuition for clothing should be perfectly able to choose from only the socks, all others can easily follow the criteria that are recommended in the choice of the tie: a solid dark color as the blue, burgundy, dark brown, bottle green or gray will go well in any occasion, as well as a network of tiny drawings.

As regards the measure, this would obviously calculated based upon the length of the foot or, for convenience, with the number that wear of the shoe. When buying always keep in mind that even the socks shrink in the wash so it is always better to choose them more abundant than a half-measure, to avoid problems later.

At the time of washing taking care not to wash them with chemical additives if they are made from natural fibers, and in the case of socks in wool remember to wash them with soap and suitable in cold water. When buying, remember that a sock economic strength is made of a fabric poor, and given the importance they have in the comfort of your feet, maybe you should spend a little more for stocking and lasting quality.