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How to Buy Jogging Shorts?

Jogging Shorts

I usually do not care for the type of shorts do you wear when jogging, but choosing the right clothing, even for a sport such as running, has its own importance. Let us see what are the features that a jogging shorts must have so that it can ensure the right comfort and maximum performance.

Length of Jogging Shorts

The shorts should be neither too long nor too short. If too long can hinder the race. If too short may, however, be an embarrassment. The ideal length is mid-thigh, although the more experienced riders generally prefer them short because in fact, more comfortable.

Width of Jogging Shorts

The shorts should be neither too tight nor too loose. If too tight can cause irritation, difficult to treat. If it is too loose the excess fabric may rub on the skin causing discomfort. The shorts are worn the right size, so stick to the skin and does not create complications.

Slip Embedded

Some models of jogging shorts have the built-in slip. It is necessary that these sock with a brush, if not necessary, if possible, eliminate them.

Inside Pocket

A jogging shorts should also be equipped with an inside pocket, placed on the belt, very useful to hold items such as keys, handkerchiefs etc..