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How to Buy Coat for Men?

Coat for Men

Used for the winter season, the coat has its oldest ancestor in 1870 in England. Typically hard and quite straight, gives great freedom of movement, so it can be worn over a jacket or a sweater bulky. Heavy fabric and wool, these are generally the privileged materials for its realization.

Type of Coat

Chesterfield – The Chesterfield is one of the most classic models from cities, which, in its more adherent to tradition has the cut of a jacket to a chest and is equipped with a flap which goes to cover the buttons that are located on the front. But it also quickly became a classic double-breasted version. With regard to the colors, the most widely used are the camel and the barbed gray for models by day, while for those evening you prefer a wool anthracite, black or blue, favorite colors even in the case where it is made with materials finest. The variant with a chest can also have a velvet collar, while the pockets are very similar to an ordinary jacket, the double-breasted model also has a small pocket on the upper left chest.

Double-breasted – A more casual and sporty model double-breasted always be used in the city, that’s what the Americans call the british warmer.

Raglan – Another model, very long and wide, is called raglan and is packaged using mainly the heavy wool or tweed, this coat pattern was established in the nineteenth century as a military garment worn for the water resistance, whose most recognizable feature is the hanging sleeve that is skewed. Rain like this are still used for riding, but made fabric and equipped with a belt that tightens in life.

Ulster – Another timeless classic is the model called Ulster, which compared to Raglan armhole has a vertical, a very large collar and a belt.

Loden – And yet ra, including models of classic coat can also enter the Loden, who was born to hunt and for trips to the countryside, recognizable in dark green. This garment is named after a very old and traditional cloth that was used in the Austrian Tyrol. Today, the Loden is worn in town and is available in different colors, especially in France and Italy: custom, this, which makes their noses to the British so faithful to their traditions.

Trench coat – One of the most classic coats immortalized in memorable scenes from the big screen is the trench coat, a raincoat that came from a military base with two shoulder straps, a belt and buckles.

Duster – Finally we have the duster, the classic overcoat from the city that was originally worn for travel in a carriage or coach and it was made with fabrics such as cotton or lightweight wool.

Caban – The pea coat originated in Europe in the military, in the early eighteenth century. Unlike other apparel, has not undergone any modification in the course of time. So today we see it as many years ago, large, sports, often in cloth and blue color we see today the wide lapels, a double breasted buttons showy and vertical pockets. The only difference I could notice than in the past, it is also the use of the feminine garment, favored by those who dress casual.

Montgomery – The duffle coat is a popular item of clothing, characterized by some peculiarities. And generally of medium length, possesses a hood and the material from which it is composed have the cloth. It has pockets and spur, and is easily recognized by the lacing braid. Today we can find it in many colors and patterns: in addition to the classic dark blue, the typical beige, with frequent pictures of tartan, were in fact introduced models loden green, brown, burgundy, red, yellow. This model is due to the sailors of England, who had supplied the Royal Navy, to protect from the cold and wind, a heavy cloth coat with hood, similar to the future montgomery. The name comes from the famous British General Bernard Law Montgomery who often wore over his uniform. He was responsible for the fame of the garment, which still plays an important role in men’s fashion and beyond, it is chosen by many women’s sports and casual taste.

How to Choose Coat for Men?

Exactly as in the case of the jacket, even in the case of the coat and the coat should absolutely pay attention to cut and profile, the shape of the shoulders, the length and width of the chest. The size, in order to be just, must adhere perfectly to the shape of the neck rise up or create unsightly folds. To make sure that you must wear dress well always wearing the jacket: the sleeves, in fact, must completely cover the jacket, hiding even the cuffs of his shirt.

Regardless of length, the traditional model of the city must reach below the knees, but without going too low. If you have a particular fondness for the long models should be kept in mind that the bottom edge of the knee should not exceed more than twenty centimeters. Among all the available models the long is undoubtedly the most elegant, and the most comfortable is the short one, which comes above the knee: the latter model, however, is a bit weak from the aesthetic point of view, because the top is much more voluminous than the lower one.

The cuts in every way we have progressively shortening at the great popularity of the automobile, which required a smaller length always better to be able to slide in the cockpit. From this trend were born the modern coats and jackets, the most suitable coat driving. With regard to the rear slit, this should not be very long for obvious aesthetic reasons of comfort, and must in any case start below the edge of the jacket.