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How to Buy Clothing for Children?

Clothing for Children

You know, baby skin is very delicate and sensitive. Does not take much to irritate and cause dermatitis. Should therefore pay attention to the products used and clothing choice.

Sometimes small attentions on clothes to wear to make our little can prevent and relieve the irritations. On this line are also addressed the various textile companies are always looking for new fabrics, light and natural, can prevent allergies and dermatitis varied.

Many of these companies, to meet the skin problems experienced by children, have started to produce clothes only natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, extracted from crops and livestock biological and recognizable by reading the labels.

Nevertheless there are many cases where children have experienced chronic dermatitis, including atopic dermatitis or infantile eczema, a particular skin disease, which manifests itself in children (up to age 10-12 years) and which causes the baby skin rough, dry, flaky and annoying blisters over most of the body, accompanied by itching. This condition indicates a predisposition of the child to allergies, especially when it comes into contact with synthetic fabrics or wool. So even natural fibers can cause allergic reactions.

Of this disease, it has been widely discussed in Congress of the National Hospital Dermatologists and the Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and dermatological oncology. In this congress has been exposed to the invention of a new synthetic fabric, named Tepso, especially for children and people with psoriasis also useful for all the other types of dermatitis.

This fabric, fluorine compound synthetic fibers, tested on children with psoriasis, gave the actual results. Its innovative formula, therefore represents a viable alternative to counteract allergic reactions on the skin of children. This particular fabric is also experienced in children with atopic dermatitis in children.