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How to Buy Audio Amplifiers For Car

car audio amplifiers

Audio amplifiers for car, designed to be housed inside the cars, they are able to withstand large mechanical stresses and have a large area of ​​heat dissipation. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types and how to choose the model of the car audio amplifier, on the basis of sonic fidelity, quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

Audio Amplifiers For Car – Features

The amplifier is an electronic device that raises the power from the car audio signal to the speakers, powering the speakers with an independent power source. When you purchase it, the seller will provide 2 data relating to its power :

  • RMS : Measures the amount of continuous power used to power your speakers. Make sure that the RMS power indicated is supported by the speakers and subwoofer to avoid damaging them.
  • Peak : Indicates how many watts you have been available in the event of sudden increases in volume. This number will be considerably higher than the RMS power.

This acoustic equipment, in most cases are equipped with integrated circuits to reduce costs, but also exist for the audiophile models defined esoteric, having solid-state technology in class. An or tube. The main types on the market are :

  • Mono : Feeding a single speaker.
  • Two channels : Manage the audio signal of two speakers and a subwoofer.
  • Four channels : Handle the signal by four speakers and two subwoofers.

How to Choose Audio Amplifiers For Car

We advise you to choose according to the type of music, the characteristics of your car and of course, the budget you have planned.

  • Bass Sounds : If you love bass, make sure it has a filter that sends only the notes in the low frequency to the subwoofer. In this range of low frequencies will be reproduced with greater detail and quality.
  • High-frequency Sounds : The devices equipped with filters to prevent the high frequencies to the tweeters to reproduce sounds from another acoustic range, which would lead to a deterioration of quality.
  • Speaker level Inputs : Most of the car radio has an amplifier integrated base. In this case body with a device with speaker-level input to handle the signals already amplified.
  • Extra amplification : You can connect multiple devices to each other or to boost their speakers. If you want a multi-amplified system, make sure that your main amplifier has preamp output so that it can communicate in the second.

In the market, you will find both new and used models. Buy the used can save you, and you will also find recent models: audiophiles regularly update their equipment and sell used audio devices with a great discount on the original price.

Audio Amplifiers For Car – Accessories

Make sure that the audio system of your car is of good quality, and make it easier to use with some accessories such as:

  • Remote control : To control the volume level and a series of parameters of the car.
  • Monitor the voltage : Check if the parameters related to the input voltage and operating temperature are correct.
  • Center of control : Monitors and regulates the flow of electricity direct to the components of your system. It also prevents power surges that could cause damage. Cover and jumper them. Improve the overall look of the audio system. Some bridges have also a function of the fan, to improve the ventilation and heat dissipation of devices.
  • Set of cables : Contain all the cables and fuse that you need to install and use in your security system. Make sure that the fuses are compatible with the power of the system.
  • Converters Line-out : If your car radio does not have RCA jacks, use an external converter line out to lower the car radio signal and produce a signal suitable to be run from the amplifier.