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How to Buy a Mountain Bike?

Mountain Bike

Entering a bike shop, it is easy to get confused in front of Mountain Bike colored, polished and gleaming. I would like to say that I want, but then when you look at the price remain disappointed. With this short guide I will try to help you make the right choice to buy the Mountain Bike model that best suits your needs without emptying your piggy bank.

1. Before buying the Mountain Bike the same as your best friend because it’s your favorite color, ask yourself what use do, consider your level of fitness, your level and within your budget. Remember that the Mountain Bike “ideal” is a compromise between performance, comfort and versatility. If you love hiking cycle you need a bike that will offer a comfortable sitting position, but if you are oriented in competitions of Cross-Country, you will need a bike light and stable.

Mountain Bike2. Depending on the model and makes the price of a bike for sport starts from a base of $400-$600. With a limited budget you have to choose the essential and the superfluous. I advise you not to buy a low-end mountain bike with disc brakes and rear shock, the only result you would get is an increase in the weight of the bike. I suggest rather than oriented towards a semi-rigid brake v-brake.

3. Choose the right size: If you have chosen the model of Mountain Bike, you’re still half done. Now you have to choose the size of your bike to avoid the risk of getting on a Mountain Bike too big or too small.

The size of a Mountain Bike is measured between the axis of the bottom bracket and that of the tube, or the top of the seat tube as shown in the figure to know the size of the bike that suits you best, measure the height of your horse and using the following formula: height = 0.56 multiplied by the size of the horse frame in cm, Remember that measures are indicative and to be sure to have the bike that suits you need to stand on ..

4. If you are the original owner, you should opt for a semi-rigid. Are lighter and easier to handle and you can learn driving techniques. The full suspension if they are not high-end, are very heavy and less effective in terms of performance because the rear suspension tends to absorb the forces on the pedals with a consequent loss of energy.
These ores is an intro guide, the matter is very complex. In the following guide I will try to help you discover the world of mountain biking.
Happy cycling.

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