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How to Buy a Laptop?

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At the end for you now is the time to buy a new Laptop. You have already spotted some computers that you think might be right for you but before you proceed with the purchase you’d like some advice on how to buy a laptop.

What is the minimum RAM and CPU must have a laptop not to be considered an old man leaving the store? What to choose between two computers with the same specifications but different construction materials? How much you have to spend to bring home a good laptop? These and other questions will try to answer right away, in the most simple and short as possible, with this quick guide to buying a laptop.

To find out how to buy a Laptop, the first two assessments you have to do is: “what is the budget that I have at my disposal?” and “why do I need this computer?“. After answering these crucial questions, the road will be down and you can go to buy your new laptop with the mind almost entirely free from doubt.

Let’s start with the first question: “what is the budget that I have at my disposal?” . To give you a satisfactory answer, you should know that there are roughly three price ranges for laptop computers that mid-level of up to $600-$700 , that of the higher-end computer that comes to about $1100 and that of the top of the range that cost over $ 1,300 . For average use, often those of $600-$700 work, but their characteristics will talk further. Now let’s focus on the question to be dissipated.


“Why do I need this computer?” . It is important to clarify this issue for two reasons: to understand what are the characteristics of the computer on which to focus primarily (graphics capabilities, battery life, etc..) and identify the ideal size of the laptop to buy. Laptop, in fact, there is something for all tastes with display ranging in size from 13 to 18 inches and you have to carefully choose what you need. A computer with a screen over 15″ loses much of its portability and is unsuitable for use on the move, on the other hand, the computer display with a larger diameter are an excellent solution for those who need to use your laptop primarily at home or in office and want a screen can not stress your eyes, play games and watch movies in an easy manner.

Now that you have focused on two of the issues most important to buy a laptop for your needs, we pass the evaluation of the hardware components of laptops on the market. In contrast to desktop PCs, laptop computers do not require a large freedom of choice in hardware, you can buy only “black box” and the replacement of components such as RAM and hard drives is generally more difficult than that of desktop computers. That said, to buy the laptop that suits your needs is crucial to the well and evaluate specific elements such as processor, RAM, hard drive, video card and build quality of the product.


As far as the processor , the least you can take a laptop is good for at least a dual core 2.20 GHz (such as the ‘ Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD ), while for the RAM prevents computers at with less than 4 GB of memory , as they would not be able to fully meet the needs of business and leisure more common. On the video card ‘s speech is variable depending on your needs: if you intend to use the notebook mainly for work, draft documents and surf the Internet, you can settle for any onboard video, but if you’re going to play games of last generation and watch movies in HD, the choice must be oriented on a laptop with a dedicated video card (eg ATI 6470M or Nvidia GT 530M ).

Other characteristics to be assessed carefully prior to purchase a laptop are the power and the speed of rotation of the hard disk, the battery life and the quality of construction of the computer. As for the hard drive , do not consider portable storage with a capacity of less than 500 GB and tries to favor the HDD 7200 rpm compared to those from 5400 rpm as they ensure a higher speed than the others (although it is difficult find hard disk with 7200 round per minute of portable medium-low). As for the battery , authentic cells and milliampere / hour(mAh): the higher the number, the greater autonomy. I advise you to at least a 6-cell battery, which should ensure a range of about 4.30 / 5 hours (then it all depends from your use of the computer).

And now we come to the chapter on quality of materials . Especially if you use your new laptop as primary computer for work, before proceeding with the purchase, you must carefully consider the quality of the computer. Believe me, it’s worth spending $130 or $250 more for a notebook sturdy and comfortable rather than the thrifty and find themselves every day to do to blows with a computer too “plastic” that gets too hot, it has a keyboard awkward or a trackpad that works evil. This is not say that you have to buy a device to force top of the range, but if between two mid-range computer, there are two with the same technical features and one of them while costing a little more seems more robust and superior design, you get what .

Now you should have pretty clear ideas about which laptops are worth buying and which are not, but before concluding I would like to talk to you about two specific types of laptops that you can find at electronics stores: the ultrabook and Netbook .

The ultrabook laptops are very high-end characterized by three elements: power, light weight and portability. Are very thin, have a great deal of autonomy and instead of the classic mountain of hard disk drive SSD (solid state drives) that are much faster and less sensitive than standard hard drives. As easy to understand, are very good but the price is almost prohibitive: it starts at about $1,200 to get to $1,500/$1,900.

The netbook , as opposed to ultrabook, laptops are very affordable (cost around $400/$600 , depending on the features) but the technical specifications rather limited display with very small (7 to 12 inches) and battery life is not always brilliant. Can be very useful when your primary need is mobility but maybe before you buy one is to consider the hypothesis tablet.

 We hope it will be helpful for you!